Dienstag, 27. August 2013

22. August 2013

Hellas! Thank you and Goodbye

After 4 Weeks of travelling, meeting people, searching for information and shooting we start our way back to Vienna from Thessaloniki. At a gasstation we find this interesting vehicle, that combines in a very absurd way three big issues we´ve been confronted with during our trip.
We quickly leave this gasstation, as the owner of the bike starts looking at us in a strange way when he realizes, that we take this picture. 
We take the ironiy as a way to say goodbye. After a lot of stories people told us and stuff we experienced, all the clear ideas we had before about the situation in europe and greece got much more confusing, coloured and contradictional, so we start the way back more confused in fact than we started, which is probably because the situation in europe is more than black and white, more than facts and more than economical crisis.
We would like to thank all those, who helped us in many ways during this trip!

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